Sarlat is a Ville d’Art et d’Histoire (a town with a particularly interesting heritage and arts scene) and a favourite destination of writers and poets (Etienne de La Boétie, Paul Éluard). It’s also a real architectural gem with its narrow medieval streets, small shops and markets (on Wednesdays and Saturdays), its historic cathedral and its townhouses. The town is only a few miles from Europe’s premier prehistoric site, the Lascaux cave, the Dordogne River and its famous châteaux.

Sarlat’s Medieval Old Town

Sarlat epitomizes the lifestyle of the Périgord region. It’s one of France’s most visited towns, in part thanks to its 77 listed buildings constructed from the honey-coloured stone that embodies the Périgord noir. On market-day, the alleyways and historic buildings sparkle in the sun – and you’ll be just as bedazzled by the stalls of fruit and vegetables and the aromas of the local delicacies. Block out a few days in your diary right now and come and stay at the Porche de Sarlat, you definitely won’t regret it!
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La Dordogne en vélo

The Dordogne and the Surrounding Region

Sarlat’s medieval old town nestles at the heart of the Dordogne River valley region. This valley contains myriad beautiful natural landscapes and stunning villages half-hidden at the foot of limestone cliffs. Whether you’re travelling as a family, with a partner, on your own or in a group, the towpaths running alongside the Dordogne River and the hiking trails in the foothills of the Dordogne Valley offer great opportunities for walking and cycling – the perfect way to enjoy exploring the Dordogne and the Périgord Noir regions.
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Châteaux and Gardens of the Périgord Noir Region

The Dordogne and Périgord Noir regions are known as the ‘Département of 1001 châteaux’, and as such are packed with architectural wonders. With Sarlat as your base you can head off as a family or in a group of friends to discover these gems of built heritage. Some you’ll be sure to appreciate include the medieval castle of Beynac which exudes timeless charm, the elegant Château des Milandes, famous for its connection with Josephine Baker; and the château de Castelnaud, one of the Périgord region’s top sights and a place of key historical importance. In fact, the whole region was something of a cockpit for the main conflicts that marked the Middle Ages and is ideal for finding out more about this period.
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The Caves of the Périgord

Jump back in time and leaf through the enormous open-air history book represented by some 15 prehistoric sites and cave art locations in the vallée de la Vézère (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Here you’ll discover the famous cave paintings in the Lascaux II cave, the Sistine Chapel of the prehistoric world. There are more than twenty other caves adorned with prehistoric paintings and carvings in the area, including the Grotte de Rouffignac, the Grotte de Bernifal, the Grotte de Saint-Cirq du Bugue and the Grotte de Bara Bahau, not forgetting the sculptures at the Cap Blanc rock shelter.
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The Haute Cuisine of the Périgord Region

The art of eating well has been something we have taken very seriously in Périgord for a very long time. The region is associated with truffles in fine dining circles the world over. Every tourist who visits Sarlat La Caneda, the Pays du Périgord and the wider département of Dordogne can testify to the culinary delights of the area, from Périgord fillet of duck breast to truffles, foie gras, walnuts and the famous Tourain Périgourdin (a kind of garlic soup) – yet another reason to book a stay this Spring or Summer at the Porche de Sarlat!
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